Perhaps the image that is most oſten associated with the Japanese tea ceremony is one of eating sweets and drinking frothy, whisked powdered green tea.
The reality, however, is that the tea ceremony is a concept with great width as well as depth that deals with the necessities of life: food, clothing and shelter.
The culmination of these elements is what as referred to as the tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony begins with the gathering of the guests at the teahouse, where they are first served with hot water and then pass through the garden into the entrance of the teahouse and are seated inside.
Once the guests are seated, the host comes out to greet them.
Aſter the charcoal fire is lit, the guests are served a meal in several courses, followed by traditional Japanese sweets.
There is then a “break” period (during which the guests exit the teahouse to relax, wash their hands etc.), aſter which the guests return to their seats and are served both thick and thin varieties of powdered green tea.
The entire ceremony lasts approximately four hours. For us, the Japanese people, this is not something that can be done in a short time but rather something that requires a long period of lessons and training.

In this course, we incorporate the actual spirit and flow of the Japanese tea ceremony to allow you to experience the true hospitality of the ceremony.
Time flows slowly and peacefully in these quiet surroundings.
You can enjoy the beautiful colors and pleasing shapes of the passing seasons.
We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to relax as you sip tea in this meditative experience.