Tetsu Okada Picture Gallery

This gallery, exhibiting the artwork of painter Tetsu Okada, is housed in the same location as Konokimi-Tei.
Open since 1998, it houses over 150 works of art, including work done as commemoration of its opening. 40 works are
on full-time display.


  • Born in 1914 in Nagoya.
  • 1939: Joined the “Bijutsu Bunka Kyokai” (the Fine Art and Culture Association), which was established that year.
  • 1941: During a summons for enlistment, the Special Higher Police searched his home and unjustly seized and destroyed all of his works, records, etc.
  • Postwar period: Overcame repeated divisions within the Art and Culture Association and made efforts to rebuild it.
  • 1965: Visited the United States as the head of a Japan-US-Canada cultural mission.
  • 1967: Became a lecturer at the Western art department of the Chunichi Culture Center when it first opened.
  • 1971: Invited to exhibit at the First Chubu International Image Exhibition (sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun), at which he continued to exhibit in later years. Visited Europe.
  • 1975: Invited to exhibit at the Asahi Exhibition (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun). The “Daihyo Sakka” (major artists) Exhibition (Nichido Gallery, Nagoya)
  • 1977: Showa Avant-Garde Art Exhibition (Gallery Hakuzen).
  • 1979/1980: Invited to exhibit at the New York Art and Culture Exhibition’s first China and Japan exhibit.
  • 1981:
    “Chusho to Genso niyoru Umi” (abstract and fantasy seas) Exhibition (Kobe Portopia 81). Visited Europe.
    Invited to exhibit at the Nagoya-Los Angeles Exchange Art Exhibition.
    Tetsu Okada Solo Exhibition (Chunichi Gallery).
  • 1985: Exhibited at the Tokyo Montparnasse and Surrealism Exhibition (Itabashi Art Museum).
  • 1987: Fifty Years of Tetsu Okada: A Retrospective Exhibition (Nagoya City Art Museum). Published commemorative book of paintings.
  • 1990: A collection of his works from the Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art was exhibited at the Japanese Surrealism Exhibition (Nagoya City Art Museum).
  • 1991: Exhibited at the Contemporary Artists of Korea and Japan Exhibition (Seoul, South Korea). Tetsu Okada Solo Exhibition (Tokyo Central Museum of Art).
  • “Collected Works of Tetsu Okada,” a commemorative book of paintings, is published by Seikatsu no Tomo Co..

* Died of pneumonia on December 4, 2007. He was 94.

* Art and Culture Association representative committee. Japan international artists Association committee. Soen Art Association representative.

* All Japan Children’s Art Association president. Among other duties, served as a lecturer on Western paintings at the Chunichi Culture Center.